Excerpt from Chapter 15

Published September 18, 2018

In preparation for the stakeout, five officers drove their vehicles from
the starting point of the Ashley, Indiana dumpsite. Four recorded
GPS coordinates within 100 feet of each other, after driving 111 miles, so
we were frankly certain we had pinpointed the place. It was a good feeling
to think we were one step ahead; as wrong as I knew it was, I couldn’t
get too worked up about being unable to stop another molester’s death.
If the Guardian continued his MO, it was probable that the one who died
was yet another scum bucket, responsible for destroying the lives of
innocent children.

On Saturday, we set up the stakeout an hour after sunset, being very
careful not to raise any suspicions of why we were there. Two deputies, a
state trooper, Pembrook, and I sat in a cornfield across the interstate
from our target. Vernon was on the other side, with two of Anderson’s
finest, Beckman, and two more troopers.