Excerpt from Chapter 14

Published September 15, 2018

I walked into the conference room with Crystal, Zee, and Vernon right
on my heels. Already seated around the twelve-foot table were:
Daniel Cates, Superintendent of the Indiana State police, as well as five
of his boys; Sheriff Bradley Smith; Chief of Police Eric Bennett; and my
friend Lt. Bradford. I was happy to see Archie Pembrook from Port
Huron PD and Lt. Edward Beckman from Michigan State Police, sitting
at the far end of the table. The mayor was purposely left out because we
didn’t want to involve or inform him until we had a plan. North Zone
Commander Major Aaron Scott brought with him Lt. Jasper Fanning
from District 22 and Lt. Joanna Bennett from District 16. The South Zone
was represented by Commander Errol Parker and Lt. Terrence Daltrey,
from District 51, and all seemed to be serious lawmen, there to help out
in any way they could.