Excerpt from Chapter 12

Published September 9, 2018

The next day, at precisely six o’clock, the unsub posted the evils of
Andrew Robert Reese on the internet. As graphic as it was, he was
careful not to exploit the children, but there was one particularly shocking
element in the exposure. In an obviously distorted voice, he narrated,
“Before Andrew’s fortunate demise, I located the three missing boys he
locked away for his perverted pleasure. Authorities are being notified of
that location as I speak. The children are understandably frightened but
alive. I am only sorry I did not stop this one sooner. I can only hope the
parents of this sick individual are ready and willing to pay for the crimes
of their son. Justice must be served.”

True to his word, the killer notified the Ft. Wayne PD of the boys’
whereabouts via an anonymous 911 call. The call also contained a warning:
“If you do not give me credit for finding the boys, I will release their
names to the public.”