Excerpt from Chapter 11

Published September 6, 2018

Paul Meecham, FBI Forensic Scientist, arrived around one, driving
from Indy, with Agent Vernon. I had worked with both of them on
the Fingertip case. Meecham was very capable, rail-thin agent full of lame
jokes, but I liked him just because he made me laugh. For anyone
unaware of the circumstances, the humor might have been a bit high
schoolish, but it was just another way to cope in the macabre situations
we had to deal with.

Armed with all the files on the two previous cases, they sifted through
the items collected at the crime scene. While they got familiar with the
case, Zee and I headed to Reeseā€™s house, a beautiful, half-million-dollar
estate on the north side of Ft. Wayne. The first things I noticed were the
evidence tents around the blood spots on the kitchen floor. A team of
forensic techs were already hard at work, tearing the place apart.