Excerpt from Chapter 10

Published September 3, 2018

Rollie Simmons, a Lansing gun dealer, headed to the Allen County
War Memorial Coliseum in Ft. Wayne for a gun and knife show,
eager to replenish his supply. He had just passed Ashley, Indiana, The
Home of the Smiley Face, as it was known, because just over the tree line
was a tower bearing that iconic symbol, in one of the parks. As silly as it
was, it was something Rollie always unconsciously looked for every time
he drove south on 69.

Another thing he had been doing without much thought lately was
gazing at the sides of the interstate. After all the news he’d seen about
handless perverts being left along I-69, he couldn’t help himself, and he
couldn’t believe it when, just a mile or so past Ashley, he spotted something
that caught his attention. He tapped his brakes to free up the cruise
control, then moved carefully from the passing lane to the side of the
road. Not the most observant driver in the world, Rollie neglected to
check his mirrors and almost hit a Mazda that was hovering in his blind