Published September 18, 2018
In preparation for the stakeout, five officers drove their vehicles from
the starting point of the Ashley, Indiana dumpsite. Four recorded
GPS coordinates within …
Published September 15, 2018
I walked into the conference room with Crystal, Zee, and Vernon right
on my heels. Already seated around the twelve-foot table were:
Daniel Cates, …
Published September 12, 2018
We had nothing but three murders—no suspects, no witnesses,
and no real leads. The sketch the artist came up with in talking
with Eric …
Published September 9, 2018
The next day, at precisely six o’clock, the unsub posted the evils of
Andrew Robert Reese on the internet. As graphic as it was, …
Published September 6, 2018
Paul Meecham, FBI Forensic Scientist, arrived around one, driving
from Indy, with Agent Vernon. I had worked with both of them on
the Fingertip …
Published September 3, 2018
Rollie Simmons, a Lansing gun dealer, headed to the Allen County
War Memorial Coliseum in Ft. Wayne for a gun and knife show,
eager …