Excerpt from Chapter 9

Published August 31, 2018

As Mr. Smith drove to the address Reese gave him, his excitement
was palpable. He would ultimately take care of Reese, but for the
time being, he wanted more than anything for the children to be alive.
He drove past the property that was a few miles from the Pokagan State
Park in northern Indiana. Once he was sure no one was around, he
pulled into the drive and slowly drove around the back of the house,
where his car would not be seen from the street. He sat still for a
moment, just taking in the scene.

He left the car with gun in hand and frowned. The wind coming
across the farmland was quite a bit warmer than his air-conditioned car.
Then his mind moved to the reason he was there, and he cautiously,
walked to the back door. He used the key that once hung around Jarrett’s
neck, entered gun first, and found himself in the mudroom. He placed
his full concentration on the sounds of the house. At the far end of the
kitchen, he saw the door that led to the basement.