Excerpt from Chapter 7

Published August 25, 2018

Tuesday morning, Zee and I met with Pembrook in his office to go
over our notes on the Conrad case. Whoever had committed the
crime was very careful not to leave any evidence behind; it was as if the
murderer knew about forensics and, therefore, avoided any and all mistakes
that could lead us to him.

We went over everything Marty found buried in Conrad’s home and
office computers, and all of it was beyond disturbing. For me, it was hard
to believe that no one ever suspected anything, considering the sheer
amount of pornography that both computers contained. As I looked at
it, one thought came to mind time and time again: What a sick bastard.

Pembrook escorted us to Conrad’s office at the school, and I
noticed a small camera that faced the man’s desk. Once that was found,
it didn’t take long for us to find three more at various locations in the
room. Was this Conrad’s doing? I had to wonder. Did that slimy monster
actually film children here? I was sure no one would have been stupid
enough to hunt where he taught, but that only made the cameras more
of a mystery. Fortunately, with a little help from Marty, the crime scene
techs were able to find the frequency and activate the cameras. From
what they could tell, there was not a place in the room that was hidden
from view. I had my suspicions that Conrad knew nothing about the
spying lenses, but I had no idea who had placed them and why. One
thought came to mind: Maybe someone at the school suspected what Conrad
was doing and was collecting evidence.