Published August 31, 2018
As Mr. Smith drove to the address Reese gave him, his excitement
was palpable. He would ultimately take care of Reese, but for the
Published August 28, 2018
Mr. Smith sat watching Andy Reese in a Starbucks on the north side of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the third name on the list of …
Published August 25, 2018
Tuesday morning, Zee and I met with Pembrook in his office to go
over our notes on the Conrad case. Whoever had committed the
Published August 22, 2018
It’s been over a year since we stopped the Fingertip Killer, and I still
have nightmares about my time in his chair. Although they’re …
Published August 19, 2018
At around six thirty, State Trooper Ronnie Fisher pulled onto the
off-ramp to Webber Road so he could call his wife, who was just
Published August 16, 2018
Almost two weeks after the discovery of Conrad’s body, Mr. Smith
watched from his seat at a McDonald’s on the northeast side of
Lansing. …
Published August 13, 2018
Curtis Meyer sat among the computers in various states of repair in
the back room of the Tech Master Computer Repair Shop in Flint,
Published August 10, 2018
Jerry Benson, a retired postal worker, was ready to enjoy a very beautiful day, out on a drive with his wife Joanna, headed to …
Published August 7, 2018
The first day of summer was still a few weeks away, but the early morning breeze that blew across Interstate 69, just a few …